Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dust to Dust (Staged reading)

Summer 2012
A Teatro EterNEO staged reading that was co-produced by The National Hispanic Cultural Center and Camino Real Productions
Performed at The NHCC´s Wellsfargo Auditorium in Albuquerque, NM and at Teatro Paraguas in Santa Fe, NM

Written by Jesus Mayorga
Directed by Rebeca Mayorga
Graphic design by Luis Mayorga
Perormed by Jessica Barkl, Victor Hugo Martinez, Aide Rodriguez, Luis Bordonada, Julio Velez and Diane Villegas.

Taking its inspiration from O’Neill’s expressionist play from the 1920’s that dealt with the disappearing respect for blue collar American workers as the nouveau riche lifestyle became dominant, Dust to Dust explores the undocumented working class and its relation to today’s societal values. The main character, Julia, an undocumented young woman working in the laundry room at a fancy hotel, goes on a journey of self-discovery that, ultimately, leads to her death. It is a play that speaks about the lack of belonging felt by undocumented people residing in America and what happens when they are deported to their country of origin.

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